Kg. Tungku


66kV Tungku Substation
Kg. Tungku ,
Brunei-Muara District
Brunei Darussalam

Installation Year


Materials Supplied

Geofabrics Megaflo®, TenCate Enviromat® Geosynthetic Clay Liner & Tensar® RE Uniaxial geogrids


The 66kV Tungku substation, an asset owned by the Brunei Power Company Sdn Bhd is responsible for the provision of highly reliable power to meet the demand of Brunei Darussalam. Application of TensarTech Natural Green Slope incorporating RE uniaxial geogrids was implemented to rectify the slope failure near the 66kV switchgear room resulting in long term slope structure with a natural attractive appearance. Megaflo® subsoil panel drain was installed vertically along the reinforced concrete surface drain surrounding the perimeter of the substation compound to collect and discharge excess groundwater preventing water pressure build-up in the ground. TenCate Enviromat® Geosynthetic Clay Liner are used as a waterproof liner beneath the Megaflo® to avert groundwater to seep further minimising subsequent failure.

The high profile of Megaflo® ensures that effective drainage can be achieved even at such low hydraulic gradient.

Enviromat® Geosynthetic Clay Liner acts as an effective hydraulic barrier layer of consistent low hydraulic conductivity to prevent the seepage of liquids.

Tensar® RE Uniaxial has optimised the use of available spaces and eliminates heavy machineries minimising disruption on the surrounding landscape.

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