Pekan Tutong


Jalan Enche Selera,
Pekan Tutong, Daerah Tutong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Installation Year


Materials Supplied

Tensar® RE Uniaxial Geogrids, TenCate Polyfelt® TS Nonwoven Geotextiles, Megaflo® Panel Subsoil Drains, Maccaferri Drainage Composite MacDrain® & Maccaferri MacWeb® Geocells


The slope structure behind Gerai Selera in Pekan Tutong has faced issues with a high acidity and high ground water table condition. In addition to this, insufficient drainage at the site explained one of the possible cause of the slope failure. A wraparound face system incorporating RE uniaxial geogrids is designed to rehabilitate the 5m high slope structure forming at 30 degree angle with a Polyfelt® TS nonwoven geotextile secured to the inside face of the wraparound geogrid length to prevent any loss of fill through the facing.

The part of slope structure where it is geotechnically stable, cellular containment system MacWeb® was used to protect the slope surface against further erosion. Drainage composite MacDrain® was installed behind the reinforced fill to provide vertical drainage. MacDrain® works by filtering water from backfill and draining it down to collector subsoil panel drain Megaflo® at the base of the wall. This systems prevent water pressure build-up in the slope structure by removing the water collected in the Megaflo® through the weep hole to the reinforced concrete surface drain.

Tensar® RE Uniaxial Geogrids offers a quick and simple solution with the benefits of cost saving and aesthetic vegetated finishes 

MacWeb® allows a simple and efficient solution while delivering effective surface erosion control

Polyfelt® TS Nonwoven geotextile function as a robust separator with high permeability to water while retaining finest soil particles

MacDrain® and Megaflo® has the capability to allow rapid dissipation and remove any excess pore pressure build up during the construction and over the service life

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