Mukim Serasa


Jalan Serasa,
Mukim Serasa,
Brunei-Muara District,
Brunei Darussalam

Installation Year


Materials Supplied

Tensar TriAx® TX Geogrids


Jalan Serasa is a stretch of road along the concentrated residential and industrial area at subdistrict Serasa and subsequently the location of the main shipping port of the country. As rapid developments are taking place in Serasa and Muara areas, the movement of heavy vehicles has increased considerably, worsening the road conditions. The aim of the road rehabilitation project is to accommodate the traffic movement for the heavy vehicles, ensuring the efficiency of the goods mobility and the safety of the road users as well as to reduce the significance of road damages.

Tensar Triax® TX150 geogrids was chosen to create a mechanically stabilised layer to achieve a greater stabilisation performance. Tensar® Triax® geogrids are designed to effectively interlock the aggregate layer creating a better confinement effect resulting in lateral restrained of the granular particles. This mechanically stabilised layer has proven to outperform biaxial geogrid and is widely adopted to solve subgrade stabilisation problems and pavement optimisation to improve structural performance of paved and unbound roads.

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