Mukim Bukit Sawat


Kandol Agricultural Development Area,
Mukim Bukit Sawat,
Belait District,
Brunei Darussalam

Installation Year


Materials Supplied

TenCate Mirafi® PET High Strength Woven Geotextile, Erosion Control Mat EM and Tensar® TriAx® TX Geogrids


The largest commercial paddy farm is situated in Kandol thus constructions and infrastructural concern are of key importance to ensure safe and efficient development of the paddy field. Investigation indicated the ground conditions were quite poor with weak clayey soil with seasonal flooding around the area. Mirafi® PET high tenacity reinforcement geotextiles were placed over the soft soil subgrade to ensure basal reinforcement stability of the embankment structures and erosion control mat was installed along the inclined sides of the irrigation canal. Tensar® Triax® geogrids was then implemented to provide granular mattress that sits on top of the embankment resulting in a stiff mechanically stabilized layer, capable of controlling differential settlement thus minimising the formation of rutting for later coarse of the pavement life.

Mirafi® PET High Strength Woven Geotextile provides solution to achieve greater and quicker stability of embankment constructed on soft foundation

Erosion Control Mat EM offers functional protection against surface erosion and further enhance the vegetation growth on slope

TriAx® TX Geogrids adopted for subgrade stabilisation and pavement optimisation to improve the structural performance of paved roads and unbound roads and platforms

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