Kg. Lamunin


Private Residence,
Kg. Lamunin,
Tutong District,
Brunei Darussalam

Installation Year


Materials Supplied

FORTA-FERRO® Synthetic Fibre


The newly constructed driveway to this residential area allows for a 100mm thick concrete to be reinforced with FORTA-FERRO® macro synthetic fibre. Application of FORTA-FERRO® in this concrete driveway has reduced the requirement for reinforcing steel while improving the impact strength, increase fatigue resistance and concrete toughness.

The unique and high performance characteristics of FORTA-FERRO® comprising of twisted bundle fibre blends reduce plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage cracking.

Contact Us

Unit No. 6, 1st Floor, Bangunan Hasbullah 2, Jalan Gadong, Bandar Seri Begawan, BE3519, Negara Brunei Darussalam

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