Kg. Penanjong


Pylon No. 39,
Kg. Penanjong,
Tutong District,
Brunei Darussalam

Installation Year


Materials Supplied

Concrete Canvas® CC5


The existence of electrical pylon No. 39 situated at the crest of potentially eroding slope had laid limited options for other slope protection solution due to the sensitive nature of the site. The 31 m high slope posed a challenge for the crews as the substrate was hard thus pre-drilling was required before Concrete Canvas® was pegged into the soil. The Concrete Canvas® was deployed on site using a spreader beam down the face of the slope with crest and berm drain, positioned and cut to the required length. Once installation was complete at the end of each day, Concrete Canvas® was hydrated using a portable tank. In total, 2000 m2 of Concrete Canvas® (CC5™) were installed in 21 days, on a difficult to access site with no disruption to the local residents by a team of 10 crews, including climbers.

Application of Concrete Canvas® as a slope protection and erosion control solution eliminates the requirement of heavy machinery and provide the quickest solution.

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