Mukim Rambai, Tutong


Taman Warisan Tasek Merimbun,
Mukim Rambai, Daerah Tutong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Installation Year


Materials Supplied

Concrete Canvas® CC5


Taman Warisan and Balai Purun hall in Tasek Merimbun faced erosion issues so severe there was a risk of the building having to be closed down as it was structurally unsafe. As the hall is usually used to hold school activities and research works, the client required a quick and simple solution to save the building and prevent further erosion. Any type of vegetated erosion control mat would also not be suitable as there would not be any exposure to sunlight and would be a fire hazard to the building, making CC5 the perfect solution for this project. All in all, the project took only 5 days to complete by a team of 6.

Concrete Canvas® batch rolls makes it possible to protect areas with limited head space which makes it difficult to use poured concrete or shotcrete. The flexibility of Concrete Canvas also makes it able to conform to any shape; it can be used to protect slopes and earth drains.

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