Kg. Jerudong


The Empire Brunei,
Brunei-Muara District,
Brunei Darussalam

Installation Year


Materials Supplied

Tensar Uniaxial RE Geogrids


The Empire Brunei is a prestigious five star resort that offers commercial venues including leisure and entertainment. More specifically, The Empire holds quite a number of prestigious awards for its golf course, thus it is equally important to maintain the landscape of the course in order to preserve its title.

The slope along the length of Hole 18 is at risk, as sections of soil started slumping off from time to time. An immediate solution for a reinforced soil structure was needed for the area to prevent further erosion and complete closure of Hole 18.

Tensartech GreenSlope reinforced soil system is selected to form three 10 meter tiered 70° slopes. The slope incorporates Tensar RE 500 Uniaxial geogrid wrapped around the reinforce fill behind the slope face using Tensar’s bodkin connection. The slope was designed to support a live load of 10 kPa for construction and in-service traffic.

The grid is connected to a durable steel mesh units as the facing with an erosion protection layer behind, that is hydro-seeded to encourage vegetation growth. Once the vegetation was established, it provides a green finish that blends into the surrounding environment.

Application of Wraparound System incorporating Tensar Uniaxial RE Geogrids provides simple, economical and flexible soil reinforcement system with vegetated finishes enhancing the aesthetic appeal and blend with natural surrounding

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