Extensive range of products for various civil and geotechnical engineering applications


A water activated cold mix asphalt serves as a permanent repair solution for asphalt and concrete pavements. It offers quick and easy installation and it is suitable for applications in asphalt road patching, concrete road repairs, potholes repairs, driveways, walkways, parking lots etc.


A waterproof bituminous geomembrane with high performance and has shown its adaptability to all types of terrain for various civil engineering application such as environmental protection, water resources management, containment and transportation.


A flexible, concrete impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, waterproof and fire resistant concrete layer. It is essentially concrete on a roll. Its wide range of applications includes channel lining, slope protection, bund lining, concrete remediation etc.


A world-leading shoreline protection system utilising robust geotextile containers by Geofabrics is designed to be filled with sand or other infill material to form a stable, durable structure which acts as a defensive barrier against coastal or shoreline erosion and wave dissipation.


Versatile and innovative flood systems to protect public and private building and properties from the detrimental effects of flood waters. The system is designed and engineered with simplicity to provide strongest and most reliable flood defence solutions.


A macro synthetic fibre reinforcement for application of concrete pavement and non-suspended slab has the capability to reduce plastic and hardened concrete shrinkage cracking and offers improvement to concrete toughness, fatigue resistance and impact strength.


The world’s leading industry with an expertise in surface drainage. With extensive range of linear and point drainage, this solutions offer a highly stable, versatile and comprehensive range of channels suitable for applications in civils, landscaping and sports.


It is renowned as the world’s leader in gabion retaining structures, reno mattress and it also offer other engineered solutions including reinforced soil structures, coastal protection, mitigation and river control works and other civil engineering applications.


A rigid panel subsoil drainage system manufactured from perforated HDPE core prewrapped with nonwoven geotextile by Geofabrics provides dimensional stability and field proven structural strength for quick and effective subsurface drainage in removing excess groundwater.


The global market leaders in developing a comprehensive range of anchoring systems for the most innovative and cost effective solutions specifically designed for the applications in civil engineering and construction industry.


Three dimensional confinement solution systems for complex civil and geotechnical challenges for applications in pavement stabilisation, erosion control, slope liner protection, load support and retaining walls.


A global provider of geosynthetic industrial fabrics for civil and environmental engineering projects including building site, transportation, national resources and energy, water and environmental infrastructure.


A world leader and expert in technology driven solutions in the application of TriAx geogrids for subgrade stabilisation and Uniaxial geogrids for soil reinforcement. These high performance solutions have been used in Brunei mainly for subgrade improvement and stabilisation and earth retaining walls and slopes.


V&G BACO 250 aluminium parapet system provides anti-theft, 2 rail vehicle restraint system with high corrosion resistance and no maintenance specially designed for bridges and elevated roads based on the British Standard Code of Practice BS6779 to conform to the requirement of Brunei General specification.

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